An amazing discovery…

This week we made an amazing discovery… a real Egyptian tomb! We met a man called Howard Carter who was a famous archealogist and we were part of his special team of explorers. By candlelight we descended 12 dusty steps into an ancient tomb, inside we found many mysterious artefacts which we investigated by torch light. Hidden deep inside the sandy tomb was also the most amazing sarcophagus intricately detailed with gold and mysterious inscriptions.

In English we are now writing diary entries in the role of Howard Carter and his amazing discovery!

Can you describe some of the artefacts we found using adjectives?

What was the atmosphere like inside the tomb?



Goodbye Mrs Stokes


This week we said goodbye to the wonderful Mrs Stokes; we will all miss her so much in Year 3. She would like to thank you for all of the wonderful gifts and kind words she received on her last day.

On Wednesday, we unearthed our time capsule which we buried on transfer day last year. It contained sheets on which we had written down all of the things we wanted to get better at in Year 3. We really enjoyed reading the goals we’d set with Mrs Stokes and we used purple pen to add a mid-year comment before they are buried again until July.

It’s been an amazing year so far and Dahl class are excited about their new adventure with Mrs Deboard.

Have an amazing Easter everyone

Super Science!

Dahl Class really enjoyed looking at different types of rocks in our science sessions and exploring their properties. We then made a volcano outside using bicarbonate of soda and vinegar! It was very exciting watching it explode over the edge of the bottle!

After that we used the devices to research facts about volcanoes.


imageWhat facts can you remember about volcanoes?

Why not have a go at making your own volcano at home, you could share the pictures with us in class.

Mrs Holland

Roman Day!

The children have had an exciting day in Year 3 today! They had fun looking at all the wonderful artefacts that our Roman visitor Mr Hammond brought in for us. There were lots of real pieces of Roman pottery, animal bones  and teeth, coins, jewellery and so much more! We got to see what a real Roman helmet would feel like to wear and also got hold a Roman sword and dagger!

We used our art skills and spent time sketching our favourite items.

In the afternoon, we got ready for our battle and learnt about different battle formations and ways to hold our shields to keep us protected, it was great fun!

What an action packed day we had!

Comment below and tell me what your favourite part of the day was.


Our Roman tunics

The children have been hard at work designing their Roman tunics using repeating patterns. They have used fabric pens and have carefully drawn on their designs which were copied from their sketch books.

We are all excited about the Roman day in Tuesday when they will get to wear their tunics!


Cool coding 

The children have had great fun in our computing lessons over the past few weeks learning to code on the computer programme Scratch. They have learnt about the objects called ‘sprites’ and how to programme the sprites to perform different actions using coding blocks. The blocks are colour coded to make it easier. We will be using our skills to make a game over the next few weeks. 


Dahl Class become archaeologists! 

Today Dahl class were sent a mysterious letter from someone called Julius who told the class that he used to live on the very site the school was built on over a thousand years ago…

He left us some clues which we had to follow using our map reading skills. We followed them carefully and they took us to different dig sites outside in the playground.

We used our special archaeologist’s kit to dig for pieces of pottery. We used the magnifying glasses to look carefully at the pieces and the special brushes to dust off all the mud.

Back inside we tried to piece our pots back together but found that some of the pieces were missing. This is what happens to real archaeologists and they don’t always find all the pieces of each ancient pot they uncover.

Later on, we all wrote about what we would like to find out about the Romans and used the devices and some information books to find out some facts about them.

In the afternoon, we got to make our own Roman style pots by using the clay. We learnt the techniques involved in making a coil pot and used the tools to make patterns on them.

What a fun day!

What did you enjoy most about today?

To infinity and beyond…

Year 3 had a special treat today and got to watch astronaut Tim Peake blast off into space! 

He is the first British astronaut to journey to the International Space Station and it was great to witness a bit of history live in the classroom!

It reminded me of all that fun learning on space that we did in Year One!

Can you find out a fact about Tim Peake or space travel and leave a comment below?

Mrs Holland :)