#WAKWHS2 Medieval Fun

An exciting day at Simon de Senlis today! The children arrived in some wonderful costumes greeted by Earl Rees and the rest of the court to watch Simon receive his knighthood!

After having a very quick recap on the story of Simon from our previous year we had some very special visitors!

The children asked lots of interesting questions to Simon and they met Lady Arabella and her Lady in Waiting. Although we tried to find out lots about her she was very secretive! We then wrote all of these ideas down so we wouldn’t forget them. We had to speculate a lot about her family and where she lives.

After playtime we had a pottery workshop where we learnt about some medieval pottery. Ellie asked a very important question: how do we know that the pots we find are medieval and not from another time like Romans? If you can remember leave some comments below!

At lunch time we had a marvellous feast but just when everything was going so well Lady Arabella disappeared! Does anybody know what happened? Did anyone see anything? In Dahl class we tried to think about how she might feel after disappearing by doing some digital video clips!

Earl Rees summoned his court to an emergency assembly and after trying to find out what everybody knew about Lady Arabella’s disappearance he sent for Simon. A message was taken to him sending him on his first quest – to rescue Lady Arabella!

Young Voices

If any of the choir or parents have any questions feel free to comment on the blog and ask them as I will be available over the weekend – hopefully enough information has been sent home via letters, parent mail and through the children telling you all the exciting things, but, if anything has been forgotten please ask.

Keeeeeeeep practising!

Miss Shipton

Young Voices

Monday is the day! With that in mind all children need to know the words to every song – music can be found by going to the Young Voices website and clicking resources followed by choir resources. Both the username and password for this is


No capital letters, no spaces.

In addition we need all slips with contact details and medication back as soon as possible!

Year 3 Showcase

A reminder about the Year 3 Showcase.

The showcase will start promptly at 2.30pm on Thursday 4th December. The children will share their learning with you and at around 2.50pm we will ask all adults to step outside so that we can get the children ready for home time.

If any one would like stay a little longer, or is unable to make the 2.30 “showing” we will reopen the doors at 3.00pm to allow extra time to do this.

We are very excited to share our topic with you!

Young Voices

The ticket and t-shirt deadline for the young voices concert came and went last week. If you require extra tickets between now and the concert you can get them directly from the Birmingham LG Arena website or by phoning this number. LG Arena, Birmingham – 0844 338 8000. These tickets will be subject to availability and will not be sat with the rest of the school purchased tickets. Any questions see Miss Shipton