Art Gallery

After the big success of the art gallery on Monday night, the children took a walk around the school to look at the different pieces created by each year group. It was brilliant to see what each class had been up to and how far they had come to produce the high quality art work.

A single piece from each class was voted as the star piece of work. This was a tough decision as there were so many great pieces of Art but the winner of Dahl class was Zak! Well done! He truly captured the essence of line drawing. His drawing, below, is the dragons teeth and is so effective with the pattern he has used to create it.



Last week in Maths the children had great fun learning about symmetry in shapes and patterns.

We used cubes and pegs to create patterns with 1 line of symmetry and some with 2 lines of symmetry. We had to use a mirror to check!

Here are some of our designs. Can you tell how many lines of symmetry they each have?














Can you name you name some shapes with at least two lines of symmetry?



A Great Discovery

Last week the children arrived in the classroom to find an old letter from Julius Caesar. He had lost some items and wanted year 3′s help to find them. ¬†We had to be treasure hunters and follow clues to find the lost treasure. The clues took us all over school until we eventually found something buried in the ground. We had to dig it out very carefully.



Once we dug out our object we had to be Archeologists and use brushes to clean off the dirt and magnifying glasses to look at the markings on the object. We tried to piece the item together which was quite difficult but we soon realised we had found a piece of pottery!



In the afternoon we used our ideas, imaginations and Roman knowledge to make our own pottery from clay! This was great fun and the pots looked brilliant!



What do you think of our pots?


Moving House

Welcome back Year 3! We hope you all had a lovely christmas and new year. Have you made any New Years resolutions? Miss Shipton made 2:

1: To not be late for anything

2: To face the fear of blogging and add at least 1 post a week – we may need the help of the class for this one!


So far this week the children have sprung into action with our topic of the Romans. They have enjoyed sharing their knowledge, books, coins and of course their Roman Villas with all of their friends.

I wonder if I could fit into this house!


The children took great pride in talking about their villas!

An interior designer in the making!

Breaking News!

This week we have begun our China topic and have begun to look at adventure stories set in China. We looked at the story of Mulan and how she saved the whole of China with her actions.

Today the children worked in groups to write their news reports. They had to interview characters and sum up the story.

Stay tuned for the news broadcasts to be shown on Monday!

Keen Photographers

This week we have been using drama and freeze frames to create an atmosphere in a setting. We then used the ipads to edit the images to show the atmosphere.

Editing our images

We changed the brightness, contrast and sharpness of the picture as well as adding any coloured effects that might add to the atmosphere. We worked well together and gave each other useful feedback to improve our work.

Team Work