UFO Alert!

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Do you think anything (or anyone) was on board?


Frontier Fun!


Year 3 had an amazing time last week on their first school residential at the Frontier Centre, challenging themselves and learning to love adventure. What a great time we had on the high ropes, the leap of faith, raft building, blind folded walk the plank (ssh don’t mention Mrs Holland falling in!), games in the sunshine and lots of other exciting activities!

What was your favourite activity and why? Write a comment below to let us know.


Salcey Forest Trip

Whilst many of our Year 3 friends were at the Frontier Centre, we were also having fun back at Simon de Senlis.  On Thursday we composed a musical score for a Tutankhamun story that will be shared in our next music session.  After break we spent time planning and costing a picnic to eat on our trip the following day.  A visit to Tescos followed lunch when we, and a large bear called Justin, purchased all the ingredients needed for our feast.

Friday arrived, a little less sunny than the previous day but dry nevertheless, and after preparing our picnic we set off in the school minibus to Salcey.  Tree climbing, puddle jumping, forest exploring, den building, team work and a bit of singing was followed by an amazing picnic lunch!  Everyone then played together on the adventure playground before conquering our fears to ascend the treetop walk and being rewarded by an ice-cream before returning to school, tired and muddy but very happy.

It was an utter pleasure spending two days with this merry band of explorers.  All of the adults were particularly impressed by the teamwork and inclusion of a group of children who do not usually play together.  New friendships and great memories have been created.

Mrs de B.


An amazing discovery…

This week we made an amazing discovery… a real Egyptian tomb! We met a man called Howard Carter who was a famous archealogist and we were part of his special team of explorers. By candlelight we descended 12 dusty steps into an ancient tomb, inside we found many mysterious artefacts which we investigated by torch light. Hidden deep inside the sandy tomb was also the most amazing sarcophagus intricately detailed with gold and mysterious inscriptions.

In English we are now writing diary entries in the role of Howard Carter and his amazing discovery!

Can you describe some of the artefacts we found using adjectives?

What was the atmosphere like inside the tomb?



Goodbye Mrs Stokes


This week we said goodbye to the wonderful Mrs Stokes; we will all miss her so much in Year 3. She would like to thank you for all of the wonderful gifts and kind words she received on her last day.

On Wednesday, we unearthed our time capsule which we buried on transfer day last year. It contained sheets on which we had written down all of the things we wanted to get better at in Year 3. We really enjoyed reading the goals we’d set with Mrs Stokes and we used purple pen to add a mid-year comment before they are buried again until July.

It’s been an amazing year so far and Dahl class are excited about their new adventure with Mrs Deboard.

Have an amazing Easter everyone

Super Science!

Dahl Class really enjoyed looking at different types of rocks in our science sessions and exploring their properties. We then made a volcano outside using bicarbonate of soda and vinegar! It was very exciting watching it explode over the edge of the bottle!

After that we used the devices to research facts about volcanoes.


imageWhat facts can you remember about volcanoes?

Why not have a go at making your own volcano at home, you could share the pictures with us in class.

Mrs Holland