Key Skills 17.6.15

This weeks key skills is below. If you do not have your sheets please come to Miss Shipton for another.


Science: Our next topic is all about plants. Label the parts of the plant on your sheet and write a sentence explaining the job each part does.


Maths: We have been learning about right angles in shapes. Use a ruler as a ‘right angle checker’ to see how many right angles are in the shapes provided.

French Day

Please don’t forget it is French day tomorrow! Come to school wearing red, white and blue and bring £1. We will be doing French activities all day and even try some French food! Exciting! See you all tomorrow!

Key Skills 10th June

Key Skills 10.06.15


Literacy: We have recently written setting descriptions about our realm the Fantastical Seas. We would like you to write a setting description about a place of your choosing. This might be another realm of Africa but could be something completely different like the beach. Make sure you are using descriptive language and think about how your choice of words makes the reader feel.


Maths: This week we would like to refresh your memories about our previous shape learning. Complete the sheet in your book about 2D shapes. Don’t forget to also practise your times tables.

Key Skills 03.06.15

Literacy: This week we would like you to focus on reading for meaning. Please complete the reading comprehension in your book. Make sure you answer in full sentences when required.


Maths: We would like you to focus on money this week. Please play the game below and create different amounts using different coins. Record in your books an amount you have made and the coins you used to make it.

If you cannot access the website then ask a family member to provide different amounts for you to make and record these in your books.


The spellings this week are all topical words we will be using in the classroom. Please practise these at home.

#NPATEK Exploring Africa

This morning the children arrived at school dressed as explorers!
We had a morning full of different workshops.

First we learnt a little about African drumming.


There were five different types of drums. Can you remember what they were called? We learnt how to play different rythyms. Can you tell me what I need to do to play the drums? how must I sit when I play my drum?

Our next workshop was African mask making. Can you remember the tribe that have these masks? Why are they this shape?


We used a wooden dowel to create dot patterns with different coloured paint. The colours had different meanings. What do each of the colours mean?

Key Skills 18.5.15

Below is the key skills work for over half term.

Literacy:  We have noticed that you are not always using ‘two’, ‘to’ and ‘too’ correctly. We would like you to write the correct word for the sentences in your book. Can you think of your sentences where each example might appear?

Mathematics: Continue to practice your times tables. Investigate how many different items you could buy with your given amount of money. How much did the items cost? How much change would you receive? How many different combinations of items could you buy?

High Ropes #SDSFrontier2015

Groups 1 and 4 had the High Ropes this afternoon. The weather was beautiful and the children were all very excited, if a little nervous! 

The leap of faith was very scary! Well done to Jamie who went first and sped up the pole like lightning. He was swiftly followed by lots of other children. Shout out to Jessica – she was very nervous and got to the top of the ladder and didn’t want to go any further but with some encouragement and instructions from Miss Shipton she managed to get to the top of the pole – Well Done!
The balance beam was tricky – we had to walk carefully from one side to the other and on the way back we had a challenge to do as well. When we got off of the beam we were allowed to hang upside down like Spider-Man if we wanted. Shout out to Jake who said he didn’t want to do anything and completed this with confidence followed by the leap of faith – Well Done!
The Postman’s Walk is a bigger version of an activity we might see in a playground. The children had to climb the ladder before walking along a wire suspended hire above the ground.


Frontier Centre #SDSFrontier2015

Year three arrived at the Frontier Centre and went for a little tour of the camp before getting into our rooms. Bed making commenced and the adults were all very impressed at the amount of children who had clearly been practising!
After we had our lunches we settled down and are now playing some football, cricket and rounders games.