World Book Day 2018

This morning Pippi Longstocking and Toad of Toad Hall welcomed a whole new class to Dahl for the day. Lots of fun activities were planned for the day, and despite some potential magic mishaps we all had an excellent day. I am quite sure that Harry Potter and his friends are up to something, as everywhere I looked I kept seeing Harry. At one point I’m sure I counted eight of him! Joining Harry in class for the day was a very timid Eeyore, an enormous crocodile, a Super Mario brother, two Mildred’s – who had escaped Miss Cackle’s Academy for the day and so many more. Belle was a little startled by Charlotte at first, but they soon became best of friends. Although both seemed a little taken back when Hans Solo arrived! Lucky we had him though, because he kept the Black Panthers in check. We did encounter one tricky bit when a sly fox managed to send a curling stone across the room with quite some force! But thankfully Mary Poppins was there to calm things down, and Steve from Minecraft helped us put everything back together again.

Hamlet Showcase

WOW – What a showcase!

Dahl Class were very proud to share with our family and friends their final presentation pieces. They have worked incredibly hard on both the writing and the art work. They had to ensure that their writing was written in paragraphs, had adverbial phrases and that they used a variety of different sentences. It was also the first time that the children had painted using watercolours on a presentation piece. Fabulous work by each and every one of you!


In Dahl Class we are learning all about the Stone Age. Today we were focusing on the Neolithic times. This is when the first stage of Stonehenge was built. Stonehenge is a monument and archaeologists think it was was orginally built as a burial place in around 3,000 BC. Over the next 1,500 years it was added to. We think some circles were used to mark important days in the year like the Winter and Summer Solstice. They helped Neolithic people keep track of when to grow and harvest their crops.

We built our own Stongehenge using cheesy puffs.

Stay and Read

Thank you to all our visitors today. We really enjoyed showing you our books, and sharing with you some of the skills we use in critical reading. We especially loved looking through our 15 reads for Year 3. Which one have you borrowed? Would you recommend it to others? Write a comment to share why you enjoyed the book.


This term we have been looking at multiplication and we have started to investigate the distributive law. Can you explain to someone at home what this is? Maybe you could use some resources to model it – I would love to see your pictures!!


Welcome Back

Welcome Back!

Wishing you all a very happy new year and we hope you have all had a wonderful holiday! A huge thank you for all your gifts and cards, it was very kind!

A few things to note ready for tomorrow:

PE Days: Wednesday’s and Thursday’s – please ensure both indoor and outdoor kits are in school tomorrow.

Key Skills – please bring your key skills books in tomorrow.

Looking forward to seeing you all!

Mrs Phelps and Mrs Denby



Key Skills – Extreme Earth Quiz

This term we have loved our learning about the amazing things that happen to shape our land. We have enjoyed using the maps and atlases to find out about mountains and rivers. The devices have been useful to find out facts about volcanoes and earthquakes. Now it is time to test our knowledge. Please complete the quiz below and then record a comment on the blog to share how you did. As an extra challenge, you could write your own question and multiple choice answer! Enjoy the quiz.