Year 3 Showcase

A reminder about the Year 3 Showcase.

The showcase will start promptly at 2.30pm on Thursday 4th December. The children will share their learning with you and at around 2.50pm we will ask all adults to step outside so that we can get the children ready for home time.

If any one would like stay a little longer, or is unable to make the 2.30 “showing” we will reopen the doors at 3.00pm to allow extra time to do this.

We are very excited to share our topic with you!

Young Voices

The ticket and t-shirt deadline for the young voices concert came and went last week. If you require extra tickets between now and the concert you can get them directly from the Birmingham LG Arena website or by phoning this number. LG Arena, Birmingham – 0844 338 8000. These tickets will be subject to availability and will not be sat with the rest of the school purchased tickets. Any questions see Miss Shipton

Key Skills 25.11.14


We are still focusing on punctuating our writing correctly. The following paragraph is missing some important punctuation. Can you re-write it into your books with the correct punctuation?


Do not cross you chopsticks in China this is a symbol of death do not stab your food with the chopsticks to pick it up this is really bad manners do not point at people with your chopsticks as this is rude do use your chopsticks to cut up pieces into smaller bites since you don’t have a knife using your chopsticks to cut up the larger pieces is allowed you do that by squeezing the larger piece between the two chopsticks and splitting it in two



This week’s focus for maths is times table practice. Look at which table your group needs to practice. We recommend working on one table at a time and out of order.

E.g. 7 x 2,         3 x 2,         10 x 2

Circles: 2x and 5x tables

Triangles: 2x and 5x tables

Squares: 3x and 4x tables

Pentagons: 3x and 4x tables, then 6x and 8x tables

Key Skills 12th November

This weeks key skills work was sent home yesterday and will be due back in on Monday 17th November.


This week in Literacy we want you to look at using powerful verbs. How many different words can you think of for the following boring verbs? Don’t forget they must mean the same thing. I have given 2 examples of each.

said – shout, whisper

walk – creep, run

look – peek, glare



We have been looking at different measures in maths. Look at your maths sheet. Can you convert the measurements on it?


If you have lost the maths sheet or are struggling, please feel free to come and see me.

Key Skills 5.11.14

Key skills work was sent home on Wednesday and is due back in on Monday 10th November.

We have been describing objects in literacy this week. Can you describe the setting of a fireworks display on bonfire night? Can you use your 5 senses and the checklist below to help you?
– Similes (e.g. bright like the sun)
– Adverbs (e.g. slowly, cautiously, speedily, scarily)
– Interesting adjectives (e.g. crackling, fizzing,)
– Alliteration (e.g. fizzing, flickering, fireworks)
Make sure you remember your full stops and capital letters!

We have been estimating and measuring objects in maths this week. Find some objects in your house and estimate how long they are in cms. Then write the actual measurement underneath.

Don’t forget to also practise your times tables, your spellings and to read at home.

Junior Strictly

To all year 5’s and 6’s in the junior strictly group, this is the video of the jive dance we have begun learning. Practise at home. Look at how bouncy it is – knees up, use the balls of your feet not your flat foot.

And remember – Keeeeeep Dancing

Young Voices

Choir, as promised here is the log in details for the young voices site. I presume you simply go to the young voices website at and click the section that says children.

The log in username is: youngvoiceschoir (all one word all lowercase letters)
The password is the same: youngvoiceschoir

From here you should be able to locate the lyrics, some mp3 tracks and various other things so explore and practise at home. Have fun!

Frontier Trip Information Evening

Tonight was the information evening for the year 3 trip to the Frontier Centre. Do not worry if you could not make it as we will send home the relevant information with your child tomorrow so keep an eye out in their book bags.

If you have any questions about the trip feel free to ask them below or speak to one of the year 3 team.