Walk like an Egyptian

This week has been full of exciting activities that all the children have enjoyed.

We learnt how to mummify a body – it was quite gross! If you can’t remember or just want to practise here is the link to the game we played


Today we looked at the written language of Ancient Egypt – hieroglyphs. We discovered that hieroglyphs are symbols and can stand for letters or for whole words. We learnt how to write our name using hieroglyphic writing and drew these symbols onto a cartouche.


This is Maya’s and Charlie’s. Aren’t they brilliant!

We also went out in groups to learn about the art of papyrus paper. The Egyptians made paper out of the papyrus plant by laying it in strips and leaving it to air dry. We used brown paper and glue mixed with water to do a similar thing. Miss Shipton did not like all the mess and stickiness! Here is Theo and Caleb making theirs below.



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