Carnival Day

Wow! Today has been very exciting! When we all came in this morning we were greeted by a playground full of lots of different people and activities. Mr Wainwright was doing some football skills – some children even joined in. Year 5 were showing off some excellent samba dancing and another school came to show us their samba band! They were fantastic!


Once we had all calmed down and gone inside, we then had an assembly. Somebody came to visit us and told us all about carnivals. We then had a workshop with them and made carnival hats. This was great fun and we even got our faces painted! Miss Shipton got the England flag on her cheek painted by Maya’s mum. She was very helpful this morning!


In the afternoon the parents came back earlier than usual. We all gathered on the playground with our hats and had a carnival procession around the field.


All in all an exciting day! I wonder what will happen next!

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