Group 1 & 2 – Raft Building

First we put on some helmets and special life jackets but they had special sponge on the front. Then a man showed us, in our groups, what we needed to do. Then we got some wood and we had to put it in a square as this is the strongest way for a raft. We tied it together with thick blue rope.


We measured with the barrels how long we had to tie another two pieces of sticks to the square. After that, we put the barrels on and checked if it worked. We had to work as a team and carry our raft down to the lake. We got some oars to steer the raft. We put the raft on the lake and climbed on very carefully! I was in the front and had to climb on using my hands and knees. When we were all on the raft we got our oars passed down the line and used them to push our raft along.

We played a game on our rafts where we had to catch a ball and throw it at the other team to score points.

At the end of the activity we tidied everything away and then there was a little time left so we all jumped into the water for a little swim! We were freezing and very wet!

By Thomas

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  1. Well done all of you! It’s very nice to be able to read about all your activities! Glad you are having lots of fun 🙂 xxx

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