Group 3 & 4 – Raft Building

Our evening activity was raft building. It was raining but luckily soon cleared up!

We started by creating the frame out of wooden logs and string.


We then carried it down to the river and got our paddles. The barrels supported the frame on the water because they had air in. We had to carefully climb aboard our rafts. Even Miss Shipton joined in!


After our activity we took our rafts apart and then we all got back into the water for a little swim! The water was freezing!


Then back to camp for a nice story and a drink and biscuit. All children are in bed now although probably still far too excited to sleep! Night world!

2 thoughts on “Group 3 & 4 – Raft Building

  1. Sounds like you have all had a fabulous day, sleep well kids . . . I have no doubt your teachers wil!!

  2. Thank you to the teachers who helped! Our teamwork was GREAT! Everyone was epic, can we all go again next week!! 😀

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