Group 4 – Above and Beyond

First, our group had to imagine that we had to trek through a jungle for 2 days. We pretended that Maya had broken her arm in the jungle, which meant that she could use her good arm.Then we went through a tunnel with PUDDLES AND LOTS OF MUD.


After that we went inside to have a story about helping people. We all got a wristband and then we had a little play on the assault course. We got to go in the aeroplane.

By Maya and Chloe F

3 thoughts on “Group 4 – Above and Beyond

  1. Hope Maya’s arm is feeling better now!! Looks like you’re all having a wonderful, fun filled time, hope the teachers sleep well 😉

  2. Lots of nice muddy clothes to come home then, I think my washing machine will be working overtime Wednesday evening. Chloe will be loving it.!

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