Final Day at the Frontier

So our last activities this morning were pond dipping and above and beyond for Groups 1 & 2 and the high ropes for Groups 3 & 4.

Excitement was high in the camps this morning as we prepared ourselves for the high ropes! We could choose from 3 things and could do 2 of them.

The Leap of Faith
On this activity we had to climb up a very big and scary pole that was extremely wobbly! Carefully we had to climb up onto the tiny platform and try to stand up.

Once we were stood up we had to gather every last bit of courage to jump off of the platform and try to grab the trapeze! This was really hard and everyone that tried it mastered their courage and got to the top.


Postman’s Walk
In this activity children had to climb up a ladder to get to the platform. Once they reached they had to edge there way across to the pole by using a rope for their hands and a top for their feet. It was very high up!


Gladiators Wall
In this activity we had to climb up a vertical course with different sections. First a rope ladder, then a spinning pole and finally a net. Children went up in twos and had a race! Charlie vs Miss Shipton was an interesting race…a draw to the top! Charlie definitely gave Miss Shipton a run for her money!

Overall a great morning of fun!

Well done year 3 you have all done brilliantly these last few days! You have behaved well, had fun and conquered fears! We are so proud of you all and have so many photos to share with you!

4 thoughts on “Final Day at the Frontier

  1. Such a wonderful experience for them all that they will never forget. I have a little girls fast asleep in bed, but very happy! Thank you for the great organising and for taking care of them.

  2. Esme has had an amazing time, she hasn’t stopped talking about it all evening. We have been tmd every detail from what she had for breakfast to the awesome leap of faith ! This had been a fantastic experience for all of the children, well
    done to all the teachers that organised and participated.

  3. Charlie had a fantastic time and is very proud of all of the ‘high’ things he has achieved. Also shattered now but all worth it. Thanks to all of the staff for making the trip so successful.

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