Key Skills 5.11.14

Key skills work was sent home on Wednesday and is due back in on Monday 10th November.

We have been describing objects in literacy this week. Can you describe the setting of a fireworks display on bonfire night? Can you use your 5 senses and the checklist below to help you?
– Similes (e.g. bright like the sun)
– Adverbs (e.g. slowly, cautiously, speedily, scarily)
– Interesting adjectives (e.g. crackling, fizzing,)
– Alliteration (e.g. fizzing, flickering, fireworks)
Make sure you remember your full stops and capital letters!

We have been estimating and measuring objects in maths this week. Find some objects in your house and estimate how long they are in cms. Then write the actual measurement underneath.

Don’t forget to also practise your times tables, your spellings and to read at home.

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