Key Skills 25.11.14


We are still focusing on punctuating our writing correctly. The following paragraph is missing some important punctuation. Can you re-write it into your books with the correct punctuation?


Do not cross you chopsticks in China this is a symbol of death do not stab your food with the chopsticks to pick it up this is really bad manners do not point at people with your chopsticks as this is rude do use your chopsticks to cut up pieces into smaller bites since you don’t have a knife using your chopsticks to cut up the larger pieces is allowed you do that by squeezing the larger piece between the two chopsticks and splitting it in two



This week’s focus for maths is times table practice. Look at which table your group needs to practice. We recommend working on one table at a time and out of order.

E.g. 7 x 2,         3 x 2,         10 x 2

Circles: 2x and 5x tables

Triangles: 2x and 5x tables

Squares: 3x and 4x tables

Pentagons: 3x and 4x tables, then 6x and 8x tables

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