#WAKWHS2 Medieval Fun

An exciting day at Simon de Senlis today! The children arrived in some wonderful costumes greeted by Earl Rees and the rest of the court to watch Simon receive his knighthood!

After having a very quick recap on the story of Simon from our previous year we had some very special visitors!

The children asked lots of interesting questions to Simon and they met Lady Arabella and her Lady in Waiting. Although we tried to find out lots about her she was very secretive! We then wrote all of these ideas down so we wouldn’t forget them. We had to speculate a lot about her family and where she lives.

After playtime we had a pottery workshop where we learnt about some medieval pottery. Ellie asked a very important question: how do we know that the pots we find are medieval and not from another time like Romans? If you can remember leave some comments below!

At lunch time we had a marvellous feast but just when everything was going so well Lady Arabella disappeared! Does anybody know what happened? Did anyone see anything? In Dahl class we tried to think about how she might feel after disappearing by doing some digital video clips!

Earl Rees summoned his court to an emergency assembly and after trying to find out what everybody knew about Lady Arabella’s disappearance he sent for Simon. A message was taken to him sending him on his first quest – to rescue Lady Arabella!

2 thoughts on “#WAKWHS2 Medieval Fun

  1. That sounds like it was fun. It must had been brilliant to ask questions to lady Arabella and Simon. And it looks like you held some valuable things after break time. It must had been a amazing day in Dahl!

  2. Everybody looked briliant in there when a knight won his spurs costums.I wish I was dressed as Lady Arabella.
    It was very fun when we met Knight Simon.I
    Iiked when Earl Rees of Senlis put the sword on Simon’s sholders.

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