High Ropes #SDSFrontier2015

Groups 1 and 4 had the High Ropes this afternoon. The weather was beautiful and the children were all very excited, if a little nervous! 

The leap of faith was very scary! Well done to Jamie who went first and sped up the pole like lightning. He was swiftly followed by lots of other children. Shout out to Jessica – she was very nervous and got to the top of the ladder and didn’t want to go any further but with some encouragement and instructions from Miss Shipton she managed to get to the top of the pole – Well Done!
The balance beam was tricky – we had to walk carefully from one side to the other and on the way back we had a challenge to do as well. When we got off of the beam we were allowed to hang upside down like Spider-Man if we wanted. Shout out to Jake who said he didn’t want to do anything and completed this with confidence followed by the leap of faith – Well Done!
The Postman’s Walk is a bigger version of an activity we might see in a playground. The children had to climb the ladder before walking along a wire suspended hire above the ground.


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