#NPATEK Exploring Africa

This morning the children arrived at school dressed as explorers!
We had a morning full of different workshops.

First we learnt a little about African drumming.


There were five different types of drums. Can you remember what they were called? We learnt how to play different rythyms. Can you tell me what I need to do to play the drums? how must I sit when I play my drum?

Our next workshop was African mask making. Can you remember the tribe that have these masks? Why are they this shape?


We used a wooden dowel to create dot patterns with different coloured paint. The colours had different meanings. What do each of the colours mean?

15 thoughts on “#NPATEK Exploring Africa

  1. Africa is amazing, I wish it was a topic for every single day to learn about but if I’d live in Africa it would be a long way to travel.

  2. The coulour white means Family and the coulour red means danger the colour gold means treasures Green means the Earth orange means sun shine and blue means pure and inecont.

  3. we learnt in are mask session that different colours means different things for an ECT red means DANGER!

  4. For the masks, white meant family. The red meant danger. The blue meant inacent .the orange meant sun. The gold meant welthy . The green meant the earth. We enjoyed it very much!!

  5. we remembered the corlours;red was for the danger,green was the earth,gold was the treasure,white was the family,orange was the sun,blue was the sea ad the water.from daley and david .

  6. 1. Dum-Dum/biggest drum Samba/medium drum Kenneth/smallest drum
    Djembe bongo. 2.To play African drums, you need to tilt forward so the sound can come out somewhere. 3. You need to be at the edge of the chair not leaning back. 4. The tribe was called the down tribe. 5. They have oval faces because
    They mean in peace. 6. The red mark meant danger, the blue mark means how innocent you are, the gold mark meant wealth, green meant earth, orange meant sun, white meant family.

  7. I learnt a lot about Africa, I would like it for a long, long, topic. On are Africa topic, it encourages me to learn more. If I was a teacher, I would beg the headmaster to do a topic about Africa. I am into Africa, and I would like it as a topic again

  8. the drums are called samba dumdum kaka bongo
    you sit with your back by not leaning back. Your knees have to hold the drum, and push the drum away from you.
    the tribe was called the Dan tribe.`
    the green means earth red means anger gold means treasure blue means pure orange means sun

  9. If we were to do this every day, I would of been amazed!!!.The 7 realms of Africa is awesome, because we could learn a lot about the Fiery underworld, Frozen spires scorch plains, fantastical seas, Mercurial waters and the other 2 realms but still best topic ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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