Dahl Class become archaeologists! 

Today Dahl class were sent a mysterious letter from someone called Julius who told the class that he used to live on the very site the school was built on over a thousand years ago…

He left us some clues which we had to follow using our map reading skills. We followed them carefully and they took us to different dig sites outside in the playground.

We used our special archaeologist’s kit to dig for pieces of pottery. We used the magnifying glasses to look carefully at the pieces and the special brushes to dust off all the mud.

Back inside we tried to piece our pots back together but found that some of the pieces were missing. This is what happens to real archaeologists and they don’t always find all the pieces of each ancient pot they uncover.

Later on, we all wrote about what we would like to find out about the Romans and used the devices and some information books to find out some facts about them.

In the afternoon, we got to make our own Roman style pots by using the clay. We learnt the techniques involved in making a coil pot and used the tools to make patterns on them.

What a fun day!

What did you enjoy most about today?

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