Fronted adverbials

We have been learning about fronted adverbials in Grammar and English lessons. Who can explain what a fronted adverbial is? Can you give an example in a sentence?

13 thoughts on “Fronted adverbials

  1. Quickly, I ran to the park with my black and white dog.
    Suddenly, I saw a miniature smelly cat laying lazily next to a revolting dustbin which was overflowing with reeking rubbish.

  2. Carefully, I baked a cake at my house with my lovely mum and dad whilst Chloe was eating her delicious dinner in the massive, white kitchen.

  3. Dull one

    I went to the shop Good sentence

    Suddenly, I whizzed to the shop and in a flash I saw a smelly, fat cat with ginger fur and a chubby belly rubbing its self next to the cat food.

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