Frontier Fun!


Year 3 had an amazing time last week on their first school residential at the Frontier Centre, challenging themselves and learning to love adventure. What a great time we had on the high ropes, the leap of faith, raft building, blind folded walk the plank (ssh don’t mention Mrs Holland falling in!), games in the sunshine and lots of other exciting activities!

What was your favourite activity and why? Write a comment below to let us know.


17 thoughts on “Frontier Fun!

  1. My favourite activity was ‘Walk the Plank because we were blindfolded and had to use our ears to listen to instructions. We had to trust our partners.

    Year 3 Dahl

  2. My favourite was the high ropes because the leap of faith was epic. (Joe W)
    Thanks to the staff for organising it all and giving our children such a great oppirtunity. When can the parents have a go?! Tracey

  3. My favourite activity was the high ropes: Leap Of Faith at the bottom I thought I would jump but I didn’t I just fell

    Scary but fun 🙂

  4. my favourite part was the raft building because first I didn’t want to go but when I had a go on the raft building it was really really FUN.

  5. My favourite part was when we went to our bedrooms and zoomed into our beds and in my room was Myles, Oliver N and Ryan!

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