UFO Alert!

This morning we had rather a big surprise… on the field there was a strange object which had seemingly crash landed!

This giant UFO (Unidentified Fallen Object) appeared just before break, smoke was pouring out of the back and there was a bottle of a strange green goey liquid inamongst the scattered debris.

The fire service were quick on the scene after tracking the unusual aircraft with special monitors.

In the afternoon we got a chance to explore the fallen craft and talk with the scientists on site who were investigating what had happened.

Where has this strange object come from?

Why do you think it fell?

Where was it heading?

Do you think anything (or anyone) was on board?


7 thoughts on “UFO Alert!

  1. I liked it when the fire brigade came and when got to look at the whole thing and saw a code I’ve forgot what it was. AMAZING !!

  2. I want to know why the Unidentified fallen object came to our school and who dropped it right in the middle of our school field?

    If the UFO came to our school it might mean that Tim Peake was in the helicopter and he dropped it just for us to be excited about it.

    It was really AMAZING and it looked like it had tin foil in the middle of both sides!

    I hope that we could investigate it for a couple more days and know why it came here who was in the helicopter and if Tim Peake was in the helicopter with the aliens who dropped the Unidentified Fallen Object……Really AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

  3. Well… It was a frightening at first but I got used to it. Know one know’s why the fire brigade came in the end.??

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