Roald Dahl Week


We have had an exciting week celebrating the birth of Roald Dahl.  As a class we have looked at many of his texts, written descriptions of the BFG and read information about Roald Dahl’s life. The classroom was full of excitement and wonder as we mixed oil, water, food colouring and glitter to create our dream jars.  Then we challenged ourselves to think of a way to send a message up to the height of a giant.  At first we tried using paper aeroplanes, after a suggestion from a member if the class.  Although we did have some excellent attempts, none of the planes made reached as far as we hoped.  Finally we found some equipment and instructions about how to use chemistry to make a rocket that would reach the height of a giant.  Squeals of excitement at the results had could be heard in Giant Country! Can you remember what was happening in the rockets to make them take off?  What type of materials did we use? What happened when we added them together?

I hope you have a great weekend and look forward to next week when we will be busy with more exciting activities including: learning about the skeletons of different animals, writing our own versions of a fun text and looking at partitioning numbers.

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