Autumn Walk





We had a great walk to the local park today in the beautiful autumn sunshine. Can you remember the names of the trees we identified?

What features about them will help you to identify them next time you see them?

What else did you see on our walk? What did you hear? what did you feel? Try to use

interesting adjectives and similes to describe them.

2 thoughts on “Autumn Walk

  1. On our walk we found a horse chestnut tree.I remember it easily because it is the first tree’s leaves to turn brown. We also found a silver bark tree.I remember this because the shiny bark is as silver as a ten piece coin. I felt excited to see what we would learn about unusual tree’s and autumn objects.
    Lili mae

    • Well done Lili Mae and thank you for commenting 🙂 The tree with the silver bark that you so beautifully described is a Silver Birch tree. I am so glad that you were excited, it was a lovely walk.

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