Christmas is coming!

Wow 7 more school days of the first term, time has flown by!

Last week Dahl class were a pleasure to take to the church for the keys stage 2 concert, all children sang brilliantly and worked hard to write a recount of their visit when back in class.  We also wrote some excellent poems using similes, adjective, adverbs and even personification, can you define any of these terms?  In maths we have been learning to use the columnar method for subtraction including when we need to do some exchanging.  I saw a lot of evidence of growth mindsets in these lessons and we will continue to work on it this week to make sure we all understand this method, we can do it!

As Christmas is nearly here we will be having a party on the afternoon of Tuesday 20th December.  Please sign up on the sheet outside the classroom to volunteer to provide a food item to share at the party.

I look forward to our busy few days left in school before our Christmas break begins.

Ho ho ho!

Mrs Egan 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Christmas is coming!

  1. Personification means an object that doesn’t move however it means a movement a person would do. The example was
    The star danced through the midnight sky. An adjective is a describing word such aa shiny beautiful red and blue as they are describing an object. Similes are comparing words. Example the sun is round as a ball so your comparing sun and ball. An adverb is describing a doing word. So her example is slowly the woman skipped down the street. The adverb is slowly.
    Lili mae

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