The Tempest

img_06871We have had an exciting start to 2017 at school.  Everyone enjoyed sharing their knowledge of William Shakespeare and I was impressed at what you already knew about him and the Key Skills work you produced was very impressive, well done!

You were very busy today, starting to get an understanding of the play The Tempest.  We unpacked a chest of objects and discussed what they could represent in the play.  Know you know a little more about some of the characters, who do you think the objects belonged to?  Can you name some of the characters and what their relationship is to the main character?






You worked brilliantly in our drama sessions responding to some of Shakespeare’s language and becoming the characters. Can you remember who says “Thou liest malignant thing” or “My daughter, my dear”?

Have a great weekend, I look forward to seeing you all on Monday when we will be building on our knowledge of The Tempest and working towards writing a setting description for the play.

Mrs Egan

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