IMG_0955 IMG_0952 IMG_0951 IMG_0948We have had a great week  in Year 3 continuing our work on The Tempest.  You all worked really hard to write a diary in the character of Ariel, I am really impressed with your ideas and the descriptive language you have used.  I am looking forward to seeing you perfect these pieces of writing as you put together your art and writing skills for our final pieces just in time for the TLCs (parents, if you have not booked an appointment yet please do so, we would love to take this opportunity to share your child’s successes with you).

Towards the end of the week Dahl and Rowling class began to put together our performances of a scene from the play.  We worked on the way the characters would say the words as well as actions they might use that will help us remember the words.  In these pictures you are working on the actions as Prospero and Ariel.  Next week we will perfect our performances making sure the audience will hear every word!

I have also been impressed with how well you are learning your times tables, which has been really helped by working on these at home too, well done and thank you for all your hard work.  Have a great weekend.

Mrs Egan

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