Roman Soldiers

We have been learning all about the Romans and why they invaded Britain.  This week we have looked at what life was like as a Roman Soldier and imagined what we might write in a letter if we were a Roman Solider in the barracks writing home to our family.  You came up with some great ideas about describing where the soldiers lived, what they wore and what weapons they used as well as describing what life was like in the battles.

On Monday we will be continuing to plan our letters written as Roman Soldiers.  Can you think of what your address might have been? What year might it be?  Can you write it in roman numerals? Have a think about what sentences you could use to describe the barracks, the clothing, weapons and the battles, maybe you can think of some fronted adverbials (words at the start of a sentence to describe the action that follows) you could use too.  I am looking forward to helping you write the letters next week.

Here is a link to a website we have looked at in class in case you would like to look at the information again:

Have a great weekend

Mrs Egan

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