This afternoon we explored the formation of shadows, using torches to make hand puppets in the classroom and drawing around our friends’ shadow on the pavement outside.  It was lovely to be out in the sunshine, I hope it lasts for your half term break!

Can you remember how shadows appear?

How can you change the the size of a shadow?

How does the sun effect the size of our shadows?

You could see if your shadow changes during the day in the holiday.  Draw around it using chalk on the pavement first thing in the morning, then go back to it at lunch time and again in the evening.  How does your shadow change during the day.

Have a great holiday, enjoy being with your friends and family.

Mrs Egan

p.s. Some of you forgot your Key Skills work, I have taken photos of the information you need and will attach them below.  Please also read everyday and record this in your reading diary.

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