Junior Scientists

This week Dahl class became Junior Scientists when they received a letter from a landscape gardener asking for advise about plants.  We have had a great time researching plants, what their different parts do, their life cycle and the structure of flowers.  You worked brilliantly in small teams to plan and set up your plant investigations, which conditions do you think will be best for the plants to grow?

Today we looked at some lilies in detail, naming all the parts and learning about their importance.  Can you remember the parts of the flower?  What do you remember about pollination, fertilisation and germination in a plant’s life cycle? The beautiful Lilies were donated by the lovely staff at The Secret Garden in East Hunsbury from stock that was too old to sell, please pop in and shop there if you can and thank them for supporting the our learning.

Have a great weekend, can you identify any plant or flower features in your garden or local park?

Mrs Egan

3 thoughts on “Junior Scientists

  1. I am enjoying our plant experiment. I have enjoyed watering the plants and finding out which is the best way to grow them from a seed.
    Lili Mae

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