Key Skills Over Half Term

Friday 20th October 2017

Please remember that reading and spelling practice must happen every week and that ‘little and often’ will help these facts go into your long term memory. Key skills must be handed in every Wednesday. Dojos will be awarded every week for completed key skills.

1. Read every day and record in your reading diaries.
2. Practice your 2, 5, 10 and 3 times tables over the half term and record them in your Key Skills books.
3. Over the holidays, you need to revisit and practice all of the spellings we have learnt in your Key Skills books. Please refer to the handout from TLC’s for a variety of learning styles.
4. On your classes blogs ( leave a comment on your favourite fact you learnt from our Invaders and Settlers topic we have been learning about.

Enjoy Half Term

Mrs Denby and Mrs Phelps

8 thoughts on “Key Skills Over Half Term

  1. Jacob Hanwell says…. My favourite fact about the Romans was they were always ready to battle and they have specially trained soldiers.

    • You are very knowledgable about the Romans, and you knew a lot of facts already. I’m pleased that you found out new facts too.

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