A piece of molten rock from Mount Etna!

We had an amazing opportunity this afternoon to touch some molten rock from Mount Etna! It was heavier than we thought it would be, and a little crumbly. It was incredible to think that this piece of rock was once magma inside the volcano – wow!

3 thoughts on “A piece of molten rock from Mount Etna!

  1. I got 9/10 questions right on my first time playing the quiz. But the second time I scored 10/10!
    Here is my question. Good luck👍😃
    What is the tallest mountain in the world 🌎.
    Mount Vesuvius
    Mount Fuji
    Mount Everest

    • Excellent work Emily!
      A great question Emily, but it’s hidden on the Mount Etna post. So others can’t see your question, would you be able to post it again on the quiz post please?

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