Key Skills – What can you remember about the Romans?

This week we are asking that you complete our quiz about the Romans again. How much can you you remember? Make a comment on the blog to let us know how you got on!

17 thoughts on “Key Skills – What can you remember about the Romans?

  1. I tried the quiz three times. The first time I got 9/10, then second and third time I got 10/10. I knew exactly what I got wrong before Mummy even told me!

  2. My first attempt was 7/10 ,my second attempt was 9/10 and my last attempt was 10/10. I remembered most of it but I just forgot some of the number questions about the Romans.

  3. I tried this quiz as part of the homework in December, to see what I could remember. I scored 7 out of 10. It could have been 8 but I forgot to answer one of the questions!

  4. I tried it the first time and got 5/10 and did it again and got 10/10, I found the quiz harder than the first time we did it at school.

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