Key Skills – Extreme Earth Quiz

This term we have loved our learning about the amazing things that happen to shape our land. We have enjoyed using the maps and atlases to find out about mountains and rivers. The devices have been useful to find out facts about volcanoes and earthquakes. Now it is time to test our knowledge. Please complete the quiz below and then record a comment on the blog to share how you did. As an extra challenge, you could write your own question and multiple choice answer! Enjoy the quiz.

29 thoughts on “Key Skills – Extreme Earth Quiz

    • Well done Madison. Do you know the answer to Emily’s question? She’s hidden her question on blog about the molten rock from Mount Etna! Can you find it?

        • I find it incredible how much power the waves of a tsunami have. It must be a very scary experience. I am just amazed at how beautiful our earth can be. I love finding caves in the mountains when I visit Snowdonia or The Lake District!

  1. Just like Maddison first I got 8/10 and second time I got 10/10.I really really like the topic of extreme earth especially earthquakes.

  2. I got 9/10 questions right on my first time playing the quiz. But the second time I scored 10/10!
    Here is my question. Good luck πŸ‘πŸ˜€
    What is the tallest mountain in the world 🌎?
    Mount Vesuvius
    Mount Fuji
    Mount Everest

    • Well done Kian – remember to keep practising the quizzes and you’ll soon be an expert!
      (I’ll ask Mrs Phelps to check the MyMaths with you on Monday)

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