In Dahl Class we are learning all about the Stone Age. Today we were focusing on the Neolithic times. This is when the first stage of Stonehenge was built. Stonehenge is a monument and archaeologists think it was was orginally built as a burial place in around 3,000 BC. Over the next 1,500 years it was added to. We think some circles were used to mark important days in the year like the Winter and Summer Solstice. They helped Neolithic people keep track of when to grow and harvest their crops.

We built our own Stongehenge using cheesy puffs.

One thought on “Stonehenge

  1. Well done Dahl class and Mrs Denby – I didn’t think you’d be able to create Stonehenge with cheese puffs but you did it! I am impressed but I think I’ll stick to eating them.

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