World Book Day 2018

This morning Pippi Longstocking and Toad of Toad Hall welcomed a whole new class to Dahl for the day. Lots of fun activities were planned for the day, and despite some potential magic mishaps we all had an excellent day. I am quite sure that Harry Potter and his friends are up to something, as everywhere I looked I kept seeing Harry. At one point I’m sure I counted eight of him! Joining Harry in class for the day was a very timid Eeyore, an enormous crocodile, a Super Mario brother, two Mildred’s – who had escaped Miss Cackle’s Academy for the day and so many more. Belle was a little startled by Charlotte at first, but they soon became best of friends. Although both seemed a little taken back when Hans Solo arrived! Lucky we had him though, because he kept the Black Panthers in check. We did encounter one tricky bit when a sly fox managed to send a curling stone across the room with quite some force! But thankfully Mary Poppins was there to calm things down, and Steve from Minecraft helped us put everything back together again.

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