Baby Talk!

Today in Jigsaw we shared with each other what we were like as a baby. We thought about the things we have been told we did then. Were you one of the babies that always slept? Or were you a baby who always cried? How cheeky were you?

We then thought about what we can do now, and what we will be able to do when we are an adult.

We use Jino to help us take turns and to listen to each other respectfully.

Comment below on what you were like as a baby.

Map Skills

Dahl Class have been busy this afternoon using their map skills to discover lots of facts about Italy. Did you know that there are 20 regions in Italy? We also found out that each region has its own flag and capital city. Italy is a peninsula, which means that it is mostly surrounded by water, with only some of its border being connected to the mainland.

Half Term Key Skills

Please see below the key skills for half term. For the additional task you can choose how to present your information. You could design a poster, write some paragraphs for an information book or record your ideas in a mind map.

When we come back after half term, P.E. will be on a Wednesday and Thursday. Both sessions will be outside.

Have a lovely half term.

Frontier Trip Pictures

Whilst the children were having a fantastic time, the staff tried very hard to capture it all. We have between us over 700 photos! We have put these into 4 sways for you to view. As the children were grouped across the classes, and then different groups worked together you will find the most photos of your child under the group number Sway.

Group 1 (Mrs Holland/Mrs Phelps) and Group 4 (Mrs Denby) were together

Group 2 (Miss Slizys) and Group 3 (Mrs Chisholm) were together

We hope you enjoy them

The Year 3 Team

Group 1      Will be added on Monday

Group 2

Group 3

Group 4


After a delicious tea, we quickly changed into our party gear ready for the disco. Party games completed we got ready for bed, before a bedtime story (or two!). Now we are all tucked up in bed, and all asleep – well we’re all quiet at least!