100 Books For Everyone Competition

Congratulations to those children who have already completed the Year 3 book list, for those of you who haven’t please keep going and remember to bring your completed lists in to receive your well deserved certificate! We are now in competition with the rest of the school and there will be an exciting prize for the year group with the most amount of children who have completed the book list!

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Group 1 Photos

Whilst the children were having a fantastic time, the staff tried very hard to capture it all. We have between us over 700 photos! We have put these into 4 sways for you to view. As the children were grouped across the classes, and then different groups worked together you will find the most photos of your child under the group number Sway.

Group 1 (Mrs Holland/Mrs Phelps) and Group 4 (Mrs Denby) were together

Group 2 (Miss Slizys) and Group 3 (Mrs Chisholm) were together

We hope you enjoy them

The Year 3 Team

Group 1        https://sway.com/a4sxhqmyMuK06Ewt?ref=Link

Group 2      https://sway.com/2nD1qfjZ9mkVChdD?ref=Link

Group 3      https://sway.com/4LX23xwtGXn28np7?ref=Link

Group 4      https://sway.com/JF3fkQq4N2MCEGlA?ref=Link