Junior Scientists

This week Dahl class became Junior Scientists when they received a letter from a landscape gardener asking for advise about plants.  We have had a great time researching plants, what their different parts do, their life cycle and the structure of flowers.  You worked brilliantly in small teams to plan and set up your plant investigations, which conditions do you think will be best for the plants to grow?

Today we looked at some lilies in detail, naming all the parts and learning about their importance.  Can you remember the parts of the flower?  What do you remember about pollination, fertilisation and germination in a plant’s life cycle? The beautiful Lilies were donated by the lovely staff at The Secret Garden in East Hunsbury from stock that was too old to sell, please pop in and shop there if you can and thank them for supporting the our learning.

Have a great weekend, can you identify any plant or flower features in your garden or local park?

Mrs Egan

The Iron Man

Dahl Class have been really busy this week completing lots of quizzes, you all really did do your best.  I am very proud of how well you concentrated and attempted each question to the best of your ability.

We started reading The Iron Man by Ted Huges this week too.  It was great to see you all interested in the text and hearing your imaginative ideas about where the iron man was from and what he might look like.

Have a great weekend, next week we will be continuing to read The Iron Man and will also be working on a new science project.  I look forward to seeing what we find out.

Mrs Egan


This afternoon we explored the formation of shadows, using torches to make hand puppets in the classroom and drawing around our friends’ shadow on the pavement outside.  It was lovely to be out in the sunshine, I hope it lasts for your half term break!

Can you remember how shadows appear?

How can you change the the size of a shadow?

How does the sun effect the size of our shadows?

You could see if your shadow changes during the day in the holiday.  Draw around it using chalk on the pavement first thing in the morning, then go back to it at lunch time and again in the evening.  How does your shadow change during the day.

Have a great holiday, enjoy being with your friends and family.

Mrs Egan

p.s. Some of you forgot your Key Skills work, I have taken photos of the information you need and will attach them below.  Please also read everyday and record this in your reading diary.

The Egyptian Times

As we came to the end of our topic on the Egyptians this week, we wrote newspaper reports about the archaeologist Howard Carter.  Whilst you were writing, I was really proud of the level of concentration you all displayed to make your final reports the best they could be, focusing on the layout of the information and formation of letters.  Well done!

Fabulous Frontier Fun!

Year 3 have just returned from a busy 2 day trip to the outdoor activity centre, The Frontier Centre. Reporters from the class newspaper have some questions for you about the trip so that they can add some quotes to their report on the trip.  Please answer them in the comments below.

What was your favourite part of your trip? Why?

What was the most challenging part for you? Why?

I hope you enjoyed our trip, I look foward to reading the quotes from you in the newspaper reports.

Mrs Egan

Hig ropes

I have so many photos so I will upload the rest when we are back at school now. We have had a fantastic time and are all now tired and ready for an early night! We are just sitting down for lunch before some fun time in the sunshine and visit to the gift shop before we head home. All are happy and safe. 🙂

good morning!

What a beautiful view to wake up to and wonderful sunshine too. We all slept well and are keen to get going with today’s activities.  The sunshine will be very welcome after the rain yesterday. Time to pack and strip our beds now. Good