After a delicious tea, we quickly changed into our party gear ready for the disco. Party games completed we got ready for bed, before a bedtime story (or two!). Now we are all tucked up in bed, and all asleep – well we’re all quiet at least! 


Wow, what an exciting afternoon we had!

Today we became explorers and went inside an Egyptian tomb! ‘Howard Carter’ led the investigation and we saw some magnificent, ancient artefacts. We enjoyed some time studying the objects carefully, noticing things about them and thinking of ways we could describe them. Then Howard revealed the golden mask of Tutankhamun!

Take a look at our pictures in this Sway!




Welcome Back!

Welcome back!

We hope you had a lovely Easter break and are ready for the Summer Term in Year 3.

Just a few things to note:

  • PE days are Thursday and Friday this term and the children will need outdoor PE kit for both of these sessions.
  • We will not be doing swimming again, so the children no longer require their swimming kits.



Easter Key Skills

Apologies if you have had difficulties in accessing the link. I hadn’t ticked the box to allow anyone with the link to respond – oops!

Should work now …

Happy Easter! We have had a very busy term with lots of great learning. To finish our RE learning, read the information sheet about the Easter story (this is in your key skills book) then complete the questions below. Some will focus on your comprehension (basic understanding of the text), some will be inference based (guesses you have made using clues from the text) and some will be about the structure and language used in the text. Good luck!!

Please note, the answers which require a word/sentence response might show as incorrect if you haven’t used the identical words submitted by us. Check carefully and if your answer means the same as our response then award yourself a mark.